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Dragon Missile smallerNeo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine

What people are saying about Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine:


Neo-opsis is the thinking man and woman's magazine.

Sandra Scholes (Reviewer) https://www.sfsite.com/00a/no406.htm


Congratulations on a great concept with Neo-opsis. With such a variety of contributing writers and ideas, it’s first-class.

-- Al Harlow (Guitarist and lead vocalist for Prism) (Neo-opsis Interview with Al Harlow)

Johanson's sense of humour, evident in both of his columns, is also conspicuously present in his pick for the issue's first story, "On The Road With Fiamong's Rule" by Sherry D. Ramsey. If I had to put a label to that sense of humour, I'd call it mainstream geek: two parts Jerry Lewis, one part Richard Feynman, a pinch of Firesign Theater and a twist of aggressive oddity."
-- Jeremy Lyon


Neo-opsis is a great little magazine that should appeal to a broad range of tastes. The stock of serious fiction balanced with humorous nonfiction shows that the staff do not take themselves too seriously, but take the genre very seriously indeed.

-- James Palmer www.tangentonline.com


Congratulations on a really fine job. It reads good, looks good, feels good, smells good, and for all I know tastes good as well. 

-- Spider www.spiderrobinson.com


It's a great little publication, worthy of your time.

Lorina Stephens http://www.fiveriverspublishing.com/


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What is Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine about?


Entertainment – Let Neo-opsis magazine entertain you with fun and interesting stories, written from the perspective of science and fantasy.


Information – Read informative articles on science and nature. Check out the Science and Science Fiction news articles.


Interpretation – Enjoy book and movie reviews. Find out what others think, with Neo-opsis opinion columns and letters section.


Where is Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine produced?


Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine is produced out of Victoria, BC, Canada.


Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine is published by the husband and wife team Karl and Stephanie Johanson. The first issue of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine was printed October 10, 2003.


Editor, Karl Johanson, is one of the former editors of the 4-time Aurora award-winning magazine Under the Ozone Hole. He was born and raised in Victoria, BC


Art Director, Stephanie Ann Johanson, is a painter, soapstone carver and illustrator. She has lived on the west coast of BC all her life. The dragon picture above is one of her paintings. If you would like to see more of her work, click here.


Cartoonist, Karen Lightbody (Formerly Kazanowski), also out of Victoria, BC, has contributed cartoons to many of the early issues of Neo-opsis. Her expressive cartoons have added a bit of spontaneous laughter that we all need.


Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine won the Aurora Award in the category of Best Work in English (Other) in 2007 and in 2009.


Issues 1 – 30 are available in print or digital format. With Issue 31 Neo-opsis went to digital only.


It is our intention to maintain a market for the works of science fiction writers and artists. Please help us make this dream come true.


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