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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine issue 26

The twenty-sixth issue of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine is 8” by 5 ˝”, 80 pages.

The cover of issue 26 is First Jump, by Ron Saunders. Ron is an L.A.-based author, poet, and illustrator working across the board. His works tend to lean heavily on the human condition, generally with a cynical edge, and with a high sense of drama. He feels self-promotion is nothing more than compensation, and hopes his works can stand or fall on their own merit. To that end, there’s plenty to read and ponder on his website at http://ronsandersatwork.com.

Karl’s editorial is Bring Back Your Dead, which is a discussion on various ways characters are killed and brought back to life in stories.

Letters to the Magazine this issue are from: Alycia Mitchell, Katie McLean, Vaughan Stanger, Dr. Robert Runté, Jo-Anne McBride, Nina Munteanu, Melissa Yuan-Innes, James F. Beveridge, Lynda Williams, Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly, Dave Duncan, Lorina Stephens, Alice Tmej, Glenn Morgan, John Jollymore, Rachel Bonicoff, April S. Burrows, Julia Bianca, Lea Tassie, Rob McMurtry, Anna Cherry, Rocket Norton, and Al Harlow.

Karl Johanson’s A Walk Through the Periodic Chart is about the element Hafnium this issue. There are brief asides about other elements in the news. Illustration by Stephanie Ann Johanson.

The first story in issue twenty-six is In Memoriam, by Melinda Selmys. Melinda is a Canadian writer.

The first poem in issue 26 is Warning, Flashing in Red Overlaid On Your Visor by Beth Cato. Beth is an active member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. Her poetry has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Star*Line, and The Pedestal Magazine.

The second story is For Old Times’ Sake by Geoff Gander. Geoff is a Canadian writer of horror, science fiction - occasionally of a darkly humorous bent - and roleplaying games.

The third story is Adland Apparatchiks by O. E. Fine. O. E. Fine has also been published in Expanded Horizons and Alien Skin Magazine.

The fourth story is You Just Proved Title Advertising Works by Karl ElKoura. Karl has had stories appear in Daily Science Fiction, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, and the Triangulation anthology “Lost Voices.” His story “The Kedari Virus” was published in Issue 9 of Neo-opsis.

The fifth story is Timely Drop by Melanie Rees. Melanie is is an Australian writer. Her work has appeared in markets such as Apex, Cosmos online, Aurealis and Daily Science Fiction.

The Sixth story is The Scourge of Humanity by Hayden Trenholm. Hayden has had over 25 short story sales over the years, including to Neo-opsis, On Spec, PerihelionSF among others. He’s won the Aurora Award twice for short fiction. He is currently managing editor of Bundoran Press. Illustration by Karl Johanson.

The Second poem is The Blood High by Christopher Collingwood. Christopher is an Australian poet.

The Third poem is The Sound of a Rasp on Stone, by Karl Johanson. Accompanying the poem are some photos of soap stone carvings by Stephanie Ann Johanson.

The Fourth poem is Touching (Soapstone) by Stephanie Ann Johanson. Accompanying the poem are some photos of a raw piece of soapstone transitioning to a completed carving.

Reviews this issue are of a Prism / Jet / Seeds of Time reunion concert, the 20th Century Fox movie of The Fantastic 4 (2015 version), the 20th Century Fox movie The Martian, and of RKO’s live production of The Rocky Horror Show.

Awards news includes listings for the Sunburst Awards, the Hugo Awards, the Nebula Awards and the Aurora Awards.

There’s a write up on the 2015 VCon in Vancouver, BC.

Additional news is about science fiction and some recent space discoveries.

The Last Page is the article Keeping Your Timelines Straight, by Karl and Stephanie Johanson. This is an article about some of the ways that time travel is dealt with in fiction.

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