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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine

What people are saying about Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine continued:


Re: the article (Regarding How I Became an SF Geek, by Gordon Howe, included in issue 5.)


David Gerrold


Neo-opsis #23 was mailed to me by one of the contributors. This is the first issue Ive read, having not heard of this little magazine from Canada. Im glad it was sent to me, it is filled with well-told tales.

Sam Tomaino: www.sfrevu.com/php/Review-id.php?id=14949


Great articles, very clever and well written.

Alycia Mitchell


Great Mag. One of the best in the world. I know, I get them all. Keep up the great work.

-- Curt Blanchett


The other day when I was at work (I work in a call center) one of my co-workers complained that he had nothing to read between calls.  I immediately followed my standard procedure in such a situation.  I pulled a copy of Neo-opsis out of my backpack (I always have at least one copy on me to hand out to coworkers in need of something to read) and he said, "Oh good," and proceeded to devour the issue.
-- Dave Robinson


I recently received the copy you sent of Neo-opsis and I was quite pleased. The stories were strikingly good, lots better than I'd expected for the first issue of a semi-pro zine.
-- Rich Horton (Reviewer for Locus Magazine)


I heartily urge you to get your hands on a copy and support such a wonderful publication. Why? Because Neo-opsis has worked hard to be an accessible venue for new writers, and they love science fiction.
-- K Bannerman


Johanson's sense of humour, evident in both of his columns, is also conspicuously present in his pick for the issue's first story, "On The Road With Fiamong's Rule" by Sherry D. Ramsey. If I had to put a label to that sense of humour, I'd call it mainstream geek: two parts Jerry Lewis, one part Richard Feynman, a pinch of Firesign Theater and a twist of aggressive oddity.
-- Jeremy Lyon


I've been reading your magazine and commend you on its classy look and entertaining, thought provoking content.
-- Nina Munteanu


I believe your input to the local Sci-Fi culture will prove invaluable. I am looking forward to the next edition! Not only for the short stories, but for the reviews and editorial commentaries as well.

-- Virginia O'Dine


I just received your first Issue a few days ago. I am impressed. An excellent little magazine with few advertisements, some laughs and some good stories as well.

-- Chris Barna


Wow! Nice work on the magazine guys! A very impressive start to your publishing empire!
-- Robert Aitken


So, what do I think of the stories themselves? They're all good, deserving of publication, and many contained ideas that were original and thought provoking, making
the magazine well worth the cover price.

-- Ursula Pflug


I must say, I'm impressed. The stories were all top notch. And the packaging looks great.
-- Paul Stockton


Okay, you guys - you got me interested in science fiction.  I received your magazine about two days ago in the mail and told my friends who read science fiction all about it (I was going to bring it in to work for them to borrow). Anyway, I was looking at the magazine, and looking at it, and looking at it, and thinking how good Steph has got at art and that the illustrations were great.  Finally, I picked it up and started reading Karl's editorial, which was so interesting I didn't want to stop.  Now someone at work has it and I can't wait to get it back. You guys are truly inspiring and you are also motivating me to do more work like this. It's really great.
-- Debora Jewitt


I recently subscribed to Neo-Opsis and read the first issue from cover to cover, thoroughly enjoyed the time spent.
-Bill Dean





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