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The Alien (or better known as a budgie or parakeet)

More budgie photos at http://www.neo-opsis.ca/BudgieAlbum.htm and http://www.neo-opsis.ca/June2010.htm





Here is a budgie egg beside a ruler… the egg is ¾” end to end




Our budgie Balu laid 10 eggs

Lucky-1-day-old June 24, 2009


but only one hatched, so we call him/her Lucky

Lucky-1-day-old June 24, 2009 b


Lucky is one day old

Lucky-2-days-old June 25, 2009


Lucky is two days old

Lucky-4-days-old June 27, 2009


Lucky is four days old



Lucky is six days old

Lucky-7-days-old June 30, 2009


Lucky is seven days old

Lucky-8-days-old July 1, 2009 b


Lucky is eight days old

Lucky-9-days-old July 2, 2009


Lucky is nine days old

Lucky-10-days-old July 3, 2009


Lucky is ten days old

Lucky-12-days-old July 5, 2009


Lucky is twelve days old

Lucky-13-days-old with mom July 6, 2009


Lucky is thirteen days old, in the nest with mom

Lucky-14-days-old July 7, 2009


Lucky is fourteen days old

Lucky-17-days-old July 10, 2009


Lucky is seventeen days old

Lucky-18-days-old July 11, 2009


Lucky is eighteen days old (3 day earlier we had removed the old eggs)

Lucky-19-days-old July 12, 2009


Lucky is nineteen days old, and the new egg is one

Lucky-20-days-old July 13, 2009


Lucky is twenty days old

Lucky-22-days-old July 15, 2009


Lucky is twenty-two days old

Lucky-24-days-old July 17, 2009


Lucky is twenty-four days old

Lucky-27-days-old-July 20, 2009


Lucky is twenty-seven days old



The adult budgies: Wally, Balu, Hedwig, and Genie




Chick2-0-day-old-July21, 2009


Genie, our green budgie, has had one of her eggs hatch

Chick2-0-day-old-July21, 2009 b


These two photos show the chick on its first day out of the shell



We will be posting more budgie photos soon, but until then you can find more at:





Budgie Videos:

Budgie Chick Being Fed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7tX2KQhG_U

Feeding 3 Baby Budgies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phOOmlDCXi0

Budgie Meets Young Chicken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90Ij3zcTexo

Budgie Chick First Assisted Flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJifzWagX3s








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