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Neo-opsis Review

Tim Hammell
The Inner Mind

†††††††††††† A collection of Drawings from the secret sketchbooks of the AURORA winning artist 2005


†††††† If you have walked through art shows or galleries, you may have overheard someone wondering aloud, how does this or that artist come up with such ideas. How does the artist manage to express themselves so well on paper and/or canvas?

††††† Tim Hammell is one of the great Canadian SF artists of our time. The imaginative images and worlds that he can create are to say the least breath taking. In The Inner Mind Tim Hammell lets you peak into his thoughts, by showing you his workings, his sketches.



While some artists hide their sketches away and only let you see the finished work, Tim has the confidence to let you understand where his ideas start, with pencil and pen.
††††† Timís artwork is always evolving. His style adapts with every medium he puts his hand to. If you are a collector of SF art, this book is a must. If you are an artist, just starting out, Tim shows you a path through imagination.

††††† Written on the back cover of The Inner Mind, is the statement, ďAn important first book collection of never before seen sketches from the mid eighties created by long time Canadian SF artist Tim Hammell.Ē I hope that this statement means that there will be more art books of Tim Hammellís work, because these books allow the average person to have and enjoy more of artwork than they might be able to afford otherwise.

Review by Stephanie Ann Johanson.

Originally published in Neo-opsis #8.


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