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Neo-opsis Review

Kath, A Novella of the Okal Rael Universe

ISBN 1-59092-094-5

Mekanístan, A Novella of the Okal Rael Universe

ISBN 1-59092-093-7

By Lynda Williams

Fandom Press


††† Kath and Mekanístan are wonderfully easy books to read. The print is large. The books are slim. You could read them just about anywhere.


††† If you havenít delved into the Okal Rael Universe, these two books, Kath and Mekanístan, are a nice easy way to get your feet wet. They introduce you to Amel and some of the people that have influenced his life. They also show you some of the detail and structure of the Okal Rael Universe.


††† If you have read The Throne Price, an Okal Rael novel by Lynda Williams and Alison Sinclair, I am quite sure you will enjoy both Kath and Mekanístan. The Okal Rael Universe is rich with detail and these two novellas add to that richness, filling in some details of Amelís life, and introducing us to some of the people who have touch his heart.


††† In the novella Kath we get to see a bit more of the class structure of the Okal Rael universe. Amel, whose name was Von before he was recognized as a pureblood, seeks to find the woman he loved, and what may have become of his son. Kath is not so much a love story as it is an exploration of behavior and survival in a society as rich as the Middle Ages.


††† Mekanístan is a bit more complicated than the novella Kath.


††† In Mekanístan we have the clash of two very different societies. Amel comes from a society where dueling with swords is an acceptable way to get justice and where a polygamous relationship is honest. Ann comes from a society where justice is found without violence, and if you are not monogamous with the one you love then you are not truly in love. Throw in some gun running and kidnapping, and you have a story that keeps you wondering what will happen next.


Review by Stephanie Ann Johanson.

Originally published in Neo-opsis #5, 2005.


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