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Neo-opsis Review

Skeptoid.com: “The Evil Skeptoid Debunkatron

Podcasts by Brian Dunning


            Brian Dunning runs the www.skeptoid.com website which features his weekly 10 minute podcasts. For those who prefer, text versions of the podcasts are available as well.

          As of June 30, 09, there has been 160 podcasts, covering a wide variety of topics, including “The Placebo Effect,” the movie “Super-Size Me,” “Religion as a Moral Center,” “The Sargasso Sea and the Pacific Garbage Patch,” “The Terror of Nuclear Power” and “New Age Energy.” The forum for discussing the podcasts tends to have a great deal of interesting content as well, from a wide range of perspectives.

          The content of the podcasts is quite good and usually well researched. A rare exception was his podcast “Internet Paranoia,” which I thought showed a lack of research into malware. He even parrots the erroneous meme that Macs are safe from malware, “since none of this crap runs on Unix.”

          As above, I don’t agree with 100% of the points made in these podcasts, but part of the point of scepticism is to not have one authority who you think is always right. Mr. Dunning seems to realize that scepticism is a tool, it isn’t something that automatically makes you correct on a given issue, and for that alone I can recommend checking out his podcasts at www.skeptoid.com.

          CDs of the podcasts are available through the web site.

          In addition to podcasts, the skeptoid site features some skeptical videos by Brian Dunning. These include such titles as, "Area 51: Aerial Surveillance," "Ghost Lights of Anza-Borrego" and "Living Stones of Death Valley".


Update January 4, 2020. The Skeptoid podcast is still running at www.skeptoid.com. Brian Dunning also has several videos in his In Fact series on his YouTube site at: https://www.youtube.com/user/volleybrian.

Review by Karl Johanson.

Originally published in Neo-opsis issue 17.






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