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About the author


    Karl Johanson is the editor of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine, which has won two Aurora Awards, and a former editor of the four time Aurora winning magazine Under the Ozone Hole. Karl’s publication credits include work in Polar Borealis, On Spec magazine, Perihelion, Sci Phi Journal, Monday Magazine, Stitches: The Magazine of Medical Humour, and the anthologies Here Be Monsters: 7 and Stellar Evolutions. As a writer / designer / tester of computer games, Karl has done work for North Star Games, Disney Interactive, and Sanctuary Woods Multimedia. Many of the games were science fiction or fantasy related. Karl does work as a movie and TV background performer (including for an episode of The Twilight Zone), and as a civilian actor for Canadian Forces training exercises. Karl’s YouTube channel includes several science fiction related videos: www.youtube.com/user/KarlJohanson42


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